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Discover our all-new Organic Cotton Dishcloths - the ultimate blend of functionality and style for your kitchen. Carefully crafted by Wild & Stone, these knitted cotton dishcloths are not just practical but also bring a delightful touch to your home.

Made from 100% organic cotton, these dishcloths are the sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your cleaning needs. By opting for organic cotton, you actively contribute to reducing the use of harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier and greener environment.

With exceptional absorbency, our dishcloths are your perfect partners for tackling any mess effortlessly. From spills and stains to wiping down surfaces, they excel at every task. Plus, their durability ensures they can endure frequent use while maintaining their effectiveness over time.

Beyond their functionality, our dishcloths add a dash of elegance to your kitchen decor. The knitted design brings a lovely texture and visual appeal, making them charming accessories for your home. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, these dishcloths blend in seamlessly.

By choosing our Organic Cotton Dishcloths, you actively prioritize sustainability and reduce waste. Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by incorporating these reusable and washable dishcloths into your daily cleaning routine, eliminating the need for disposable alternatives.

At Wild & Stone, we're committed to offering products that not only benefit you but also the planet. Our Organic Cotton Dishcloths are a testament to our dedication to sustainability and superior craftsmanship.

Take your kitchen cleaning experience to new heights with our Organic Cotton Dishcloths and join us in making a positive impact on the environment, one dishcloth at a time.


- 1 Pack

- Choice of 6 colours

- 25 x 25 cm

- Useful hanging tag allows you to hang it up between uses

- Can be used for dishes or as a general cleaning cloth

- 100% Organic Cotton

- Dyed to Oeko-tex Standard

- Machine washable

- Dry flat or tumble dry

- Do not use fabric softener


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