Zero Waste

Today, "REGN LTD" is a lifestyle where more and more people are joining. So what does it mean and can it be achieved?


Refuse to allow unnecessary items into your life wherever possible. Be conscious about the objects you pick up as you go about your day while avoiding the accumulation of needless items such as brochures and disposable straws.


Through careful planning, you can easily reduce the volume of products you purchase. Determine exactly what you need to buy and create a list that you intend to stick to. Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary impulse purchases.


Rather than replacing items, are you able to reuse them? Think about whether it is possible to repair something you own rather than buying something new. And moving forward, try to only buy reusable products instead of single-use items.


Where possible, it is important to recycle your products. Part of the process requires putting whatever you can into the recycling waste collection, and the other part stipulates purchasing products that are made from recycled materials.


Make the best use of your household waste by composting everything you can. Waste products such as food scraps, paper, and a range of wooden items can be left to rot and used to spread nutrients to your garden.