Laundry Scent Booster - Cherry Blossom

Laundry Scent Booster - Cherry Blossom

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"Experience the Enchanting Cherry Blossom Scent of Spring with Cosmeau's Eco-Friendly Fragrance Enhancer - Elevate Your Laundry Journey with re:gn!"

Transform your laundry routine into a captivating sensory journey with Cosmeau's Environmentally Friendly Fragrance Enhancer, exclusively brought to you by re:gn. Crafted with the planet in mind, this fragrance enhancer boasts an unforgettable cherry blossom scent that will leave you enchanted with every wear. Get ready to indulge in up to 12 weeks of delightful fragrance, thanks to our innovative dual-fragrance technique. The encapsulated micro-scent particles activate during clothing friction, such as walking or exercise, releasing a burst of cherry blossom freshness that lingers.

Key Features for a Greener Lifestyle:
✔ In-Wash Fragrance Enhancer: Elevate your laundry experience with our in-wash fragrance enhancer, designed to infuse your clothes with the mesmerizing aroma of cherry blossoms.

✔ Sustainable Ingredients: Embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle with confidence, as our fragrance enhancer is made from corn starch and is entirely vegan.

✔ Convenient Measuring Cup: Enjoy precise dosing with ease, as each bottle includes a measuring cup thoughtfully tucked into the cap.

✔ Long-Lasting Fragrance: Revel in up to 12 weeks of continuous cherry blossom fragrance, ensuring your clothes exude freshness every time you wear them.

✔ Simple Application: Effortlessly enhance your laundry experience by adding the fragrance enhancer pearls directly into the empty drum before loading your clothes.

✔ Perfect Complement to Cosmeau Laundry Strips: Strengthen your commitment to sustainability by pairing our fragrance enhancer with Cosmeau laundry strips for a truly plastic-free wash.

✔ Customize Your Experience: Tailor the fragrance intensity to your preference by adjusting the amount of fragrance enhancer you use - putting you in control of your scented journey.

✔ Eco-Conscious Packaging: At re:gn, we believe in a plastic-free future. Rest easy, knowing our fragrance enhancer comes with no unnecessary plastic packaging, setting a new standard for sustainability.

How it Works - Embrace the Magic of Freshness:
As you walk or exercise, the friction between your clothes activates the encapsulated micro-scent particles in our fragrance enhancer, unveiling the enchanting cherry blossom aroma. This delightful burst of freshness will accompany you throughout your day, enhancing your spirits and leaving a trail of allure.

Make laundry a delightful experience with Cosmeau's Eco-Friendly Fragrance Enhancer, exclusively brought to you by re:gn. Elevate your senses and embrace the essence of spring with every wash.

re:gn - Your Gateway to Greener Living, One Cherry Blossom Scent at a Time.

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Customer Reviews

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Jayne Evans

Definitely buying them again

Wish I’d known about you guys sooner

Needed a boost for my laundry but wanted to avoid the heavily perfume scents you often find in supermarkets. Cherry blossom scent is perfect. Smells delicious and lasts ages, week 3 on my blanket and it still smells so good!

Highly recommend to anyone!