Natural Shampoo Bar – Patchouli & Dark Cocoa

Natural Shampoo Bar – Patchouli & Dark Cocoa

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Patchouli & Dark Cocoa - 85g

Eco Living soap free, pH balanced, natural shampoo bar in patchouli & dark cocoa, a warm, earthy aroma of patchouli with hints of bitter cocoa! Made in the UK from a combination of naturally derived, sustainable ingredients with no palm oil or petrochemicals.

A high quality, vegan, natural shampoo bar that needs no adjustment or transition period! Eco Living natural shampoo bar does not require conditioner and is suitable for all hair types including long hair and colour treated hair.

What's great is that the vegan and natural shampoo bar works well in hard water areas and is effective at creating a rich lather that gently cleanses the hair.

Enriched with panthenol pro-vitamin B5 to hydrate your hair and scalp while protecting against damage, leaving hair manageable, smooth and silky. Rich in organic Jojoba oil to add shine and volume whilst treating damaged brittle hair.

Eco Living shampoo bar will last between 50 - 80 washes depending on hair length.

Each shampoo bar is handmade in small batches in the UK by cold process, no fillers or colours.



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Customer Reviews

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erica farley
Finally a shampoo bar for me!

Ive tried many shampoo bars over the past 3-4 years, and found the perfect one by zero waste path, sadly, they stopped producing it and I was back on the trail of the perfect shampoo bar for me.
My hair, as a lady of tropical moments, has lost a lot of its lustre, and my scalp is itchy.
This bar, has resolved both issues in the same way that the ZWP itchy scalp one did.
No more itchy scalp and my hair is squeaky clean and really soft.
I don't use a bar conditioner (this states it doesn't need it, but Ive previously still had to use conditioner even with bars that claim its not needed), but I do use serum when my hair is dripping wet, to lock some extra moisture in.
This bar was bought in early December 2023 and I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, with 2 latherings per wash. One of those washes is post swimming and despite the chlorine, my hair is still good. My hairdresser commented last week at what lovely condition my hair was, so its a good shampoo!
My teenage son has now started using it and I've noticed his hair, (although he says it needs more effort to lather than with bottled stuff which is probably down to teenage hormones) it is in a lovely condition too, so it suits menopausal hair and teenage hair.
Even with both of us using the same bar for a few weeks, its only just at a point where I need to order more, so even though the price is a little higher than other bars, it is 85g in comparison to most other bars at 60g, and is most definitely worth every penny and lasts brilliantly.
Just about to order two more bars and will try one of the other scent ones too.
Please don't discontinue this one like ZWP did?