What’s the difference between a long handle and short handle safety razor?

It may sound cliché, but safety razors do in fact come in all shapes and sizes! From open combs to closed combs, metal grips to bamboo handled razors, each and every razor is different and each difference has an impact on the quality of your shave!

The shortest handle on a safety razor that we could find measured just 65mm vs. the longest handle which came in at nearly double that, 125mm.

But what difference does a long or short safety razor handle have on the quality of your shave?

To answer that question, let’s look at the key advantages and disadvantages of having a short or long handle reusable metal safety razor.

Long handle safety razor advantages

Safety razors with longer handles tend to favour hard to reach areas. Their length enables them to easily reach parts of the body that other razors may not be able to.

Shaving those pesky shoulder or ankle hairs may therefore be a bit more comfortable with a longer handled safety razor.

But, in general, do a lot of people need to shave hard to reach areas? Is this important for day-to-day use?

Well, somewhat surprisingly almost half of men admitted to manscaping their legs, be that a trim or a full shave! Whilst Vogue reports that women are increasingly less likely to shave regions like their lower backs and instead be happy with their hair (and why the hell not)!

So it seems as though the data is mixed! Some people shave those tough to reach spots, whilst others simply accept it.

If you’re one of the people that does shave areas of your body that are just out of reach, a longer handle safety razor may be the one for you. 

Are long handle razors better for men or women?

Traditionally, both men’s razors and women’s razor have been made at the same length. The difference has always been in the curvature of the handle. Women’s razors often bend at both ends, allowing the user to see over the top of the razor when shaving legs for example.

The curved grip also allows women who are using the razor to manoeuvre more easily without slipping when shaving around the legs.

For most women, a non-slip textured grip may be the most important factor when deciding which razor to purchase, rather than the length of the handle. Our ladies eco-friendly razors are designed with a thin textured grip that gives maximum visibility whilst shaving and also allows the user to twist and turn with minimum effort.

Men on the other hand generally use a mirror to shave their faces, so visibility isn’t as much of an issue. For most men, whether a safety razor has a long or shorter handle will be a matter of preference.

men shaving

Short handle safety razor advantages

In comparison to long handled safety razors, reusable razors with a short grip (quite obviously) do not offer as much reach. So if you find that whilst shaving, you’re often stretching in a semi yoga-like pose to reach your ankles or the nape of the back, then a short handled razor may not be the best choice for you.

Conversely, if most of your shaving routine happens in close quarters. I.e. the face, the armpits, the unmentionables or the tops of the legs, then what a short-handled razor gives you is control.

As a general rule, the shorter the handle, the more control whilst shaving. Short handled safety razors allow the user to apply pressure and tension more easily than razors with longer handles.

That being said, the difference between a long and short handled razor can sometimes be around 0.5-1cm… not a big deal.

One notable point about short handled razors is that we often hear that older users and customers with muscular issues find them easier to use because the shorter handle changes the weight imbalance, meaning that they seem lighter to hold, which makes them more comfortable for some people. Our razors weigh about 250g, so if you have problems holding an object in this weight range stably, then choosing a short handled razor would be a good option.

Are short handle razors better for men or women?

Although there’s no definitive answer to this question, if you’re planning on shaving the bottom of your legs, go for a longer handle. Similarly, if it’s just your face that you shave, a shorter handle may be preferable.

However, there may be people out there that shave their ankles and still prefer a shorter handle + people that just shave their face and lean towards a longer grip.

It really is a matter of personal preference and our final tid-bit of advice would be. Try it.

safety razors unisex

Is there anything else to consider when purchasing a safety razor?

As is often said, length isn’t everything. But what else matters when it comes to buying the perfect reusable safety razor?

Grip & texture

A safety razor’s grip and texture can be just as important to the user experience as the length of the handle.

All Regn's razors are user tested to ensure that our grips are, for lack of a better word… extremely grippy! 


The overall weight of a safety razor can change how comfortable the user experience is. Most safety razors are coated with stainless steel, chrome or nickel and the inside of the razor is composed of a brass alloy.

This helps balance the razor, allowing the user to shave with minimal effort. 

However, some people find lighter razors to be more comfortable whilst others prefer heavier razors. Visiting a shop and testing an array of razors in person may help you decide!


Reading comments from previous users is a great way to get a balanced opinion about any product, including a reusable metal razor. 

Closed comb vs. Open comb

All of Regn razors are closed comb. Closed comb razors are suitable for everyone whereas open comb razors are only for experienced users.

Closed comb razors have a singular metal guard with small ridges that filter hair into the gaps as the razor is dragged across your skin. The metal guard reduces irritation and provides a small barrier between the blade and the surface that is being shaved.

Open comb razors have a “comb-like” guard which is made up of multiple prongs, allowing the user to get closer to their skin, but with the increased risk of cuts or skin irritation when the razor is in use.


Cutting to the chase, there is no ideal size for a safety razor and each user will have a slight preference on the length and weight of their razor. 

Our advice is to pop into your local zero waste store and hold a few different types of razors in your hand. 

Once you find a razor that is comfortable, jump right in and test it out! Don’t be scared, using a safety razor will give you the best shave possible at a fraction of the price of a standard shave.

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