How Your Plastic Razor Impacts the Environment

Single-use plastic has become a major environmental concern as it clogs landfills and pollutes oceans. While many people are looking for ways to reduce their plastic consumption, plastic razors pose a particular challenge. Billions of plastic razors end up in landfills each year, and because they are made from mixed materials, they are generally not recyclable.

Standard disposable plastic razors are only good for a few shaves before they become dull and clogged, resulting in more waste generated from the plastic and cardboard packaging. In the 1990s alone, around 2 billion pounds of disposable razors were trashed in the US. While there are some recycling options available for razors, they are not widely accessible and can be impractical for many people.

To minimize the amount of plastic ending up in landfills, it is worth exploring eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic razors. One option is a metal safety razor, which uses a double-edged blade that can be used on both sides, resulting in less waste generated. Most safety razors are made from either brass or stainless steel and offer a closer shave than disposable razors while being gentler on the skin.

Another option is reusable razors, which are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. These razors shave just like disposable ones, but they can be recycled or reused. Brands like Preserve make eco-friendly razors at reasonable prices, and they will even take back used razor handles for proper recycling. Gillette also sells a reusable razor made from recycled bottles, and the packaging is made from 85% recycled plastic.

For those who prefer disposable razors, there are eco-friendly options available as well. Re:gn makes an eco-friendly, disposable razor that has a wheat straw handle and stainless steel blades, making it better for the environment than plastic razors.

In conclusion, switching to eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic razors can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated. Whether it's using a metal safety razor, a reusable razor made from recycled materials, or an eco-friendly disposable razor, every effort counts towards minimizing our impact on the environment.

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