Everything you want to know about our reusable pads

Everything you want to know about our reusable pads  

(But were too shy to ask!) 

Thinking about switching to reusable sanitary pads, but not sure how they work? Maybe you’ve made the change and want to know how to care for your REGN period pads. Get the lowdown here. 


Why switch to reusable sanitary pads? 


We get asked this a lot! But before we answer that, first let’s look at what reusable sanitary pads actually are. Quite simply they’re period pads that can be worn and washed over and over again. You fasten them over underwear and when you’re done, instead of disposing them, you wash and reuse them.  


There are so many reasons why REGN reusable period pads and pantyliners are amazing alternatives to disposables. Let’s dive in. 


Kinder on the environment – and your wallet! 


Shockingly, in the UK around 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste ends up in landfill every year. REGN reusable period pads create zero waste. So if you’re looking to start a more eco-friendly period, they’re a no brainer. And on top of being better for the environment, they’re also better for your budget too. A 6 Pack Starter Kit costs just £19.99. And in the long run you’ll save by not forking out on disposables every month. 


That’s two big reasons to make the switch. But wait, there’s more.  



Toxin free and super comfortable 


Another issue with disposable pads is what they’re made from. The majority of disposable sanitary pads are made from plastic containing 1,000s of harmful toxins that can irritate and cause infections. It’s no wonder we find them so uncomfortable to wear! 


So it’s good to know that REGN reusable period pads and panty liners are toxin and chemical free. We’ve deliberately chosen safe materials that contain no nasties. The top layer is made from soft fleece embedded with bamboo charcoal, which also neutralises odours to keep you smelling fresh. (No, our reusable period pads don’t smell!) While the breathable bamboo fibres in the middle layers feel way more natural and comfortable than disposables. 



Leak proof and life proof 


No one wants the embarrassment of leaking. But if you’re nervous that REGN period pads and panty liners won’t hold up to your disposables, fear not. They’re super absorbent for protection day and night – so you can confidently wear them even on your heaviest flow days. The outer layer is a waterproof PUL fabric and the inner layers have high-quality, super absorbent microfibres. We’ve even added bamboo charcoal on the pad’s wings to catch any over flow.  


Just be sure to choose the right size for your flow and change when you need too, usually around 2-4 hours. Our Starter Kit contains Medium and Heavy sizes, for you to try out both.  



How do I wear them? 


REGN pads are designed to fit both your underwear and your life. The trick is to wear the right underwear – our pads need something to grab onto to stay in place! Choose snug-fitting underwear, ideally from high-lycra with a wider gusset. Place the pad in your underwear, the soft grey layer facing up. Then fold the wings underneath your underwear, pop the poppers and you’re good to go.  



How do I change the pads when I’m out and about? 


The idea of changing reusable pads may be a bit daunting at first, but you soon get used to it. Every set comes with a handy wet bag with two compartments – one for storing clean pads and one for used pads. When you need to change just fold your used pad and pop it in one of the compartments ready for washing. Quick, easy, discreet and hygienic. 



How do I wash my pads? 


Washing and drying REGN period pads and panty liners is easy when you know-how. Here are our top washing and drying tips: 


1. Wash your pads before using them for the first time. It might be tempting to skip this part, but it helps to activate the absorbency of the fibres. 


2. After use, rinse pads in cold water or soak overnight to remove excess blood and prevent staining. 


3. Machine wash using normal detergent on a 30-40 degree cycle. Or hand wash with warm water and soap. Don’t use fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency. 


4. You might need to stretch your pads back into shape after washing and hang them to dry. Don’t tumble dry on a high heat as that might cause shrinkage. 


Wearing and caring for your REGN period pads all becomes very normal once you get into the rhythm of it. So whether you’re making the leap for yourself, or starting your daughter on reusables instead of disposables, give them a go.

We’re convinced you’ll love them! 

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