Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Menstrual Cups

If you’re looking for sustainable feminine hygiene solutions, Regn is a leading destination for planet-friendly products. 

We have a wonderful selection of period care products, including REGN Menstrual Cups which are available in two sizes (small and large). So, what are the benefits of switching to this type of menstrual product?

Although often intimidating to beginners, a menstrual cup is much more affordable in the long-run. 

Instead of constantly worrying about running out of tampons or pads, you can easily clean and reuse these silicone cups. 

They’re also actually safer to use than tampons, which have been linked to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Although rare, this is a life threatening condition caused by bacteria getting into the body. 

Both sanitary pads and tampons are not great for the environment, particularly the former which is heavy in plastic. With half of women flushing tampons away, they don’t usually end up being disposed of properly. 

Environmentally-friendly menstrual caps mean less mess, odour and leaks. 

Extremely easy to clean, all you need is a clean with a mild, oil and fragrance free soap. Worried about the insertion process? Made from ultra-soft medical-grade silicone, each REGN cup folds easily, making it very easy to fit. They also come with clear instructions on how to use them. 

If you’re not happy with your purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Find out more about our eco-friendly menstrual cups. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details. 

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